Consecutive interpreting is a good option for business meetings on important contracts or for a business lunch with a valued partner of your company. It is often used for police questioning of foreign witnesses, in production, training sessions, conferences, etc.

How does this type of interpreting work?

You, or your business partner, deliver a brief speech, in which you express a certain idea. Then you stop and allow time for its subsequent interpretation into the other language.

Nowadays, consecutive interpreting is very popular and in certain situations (e.g., business lunches or conferences) it can be invaluable. This translation method forces the speakers to be brief and as a result they often communicate more relevant information in less time.

What are the main advantages when you choose consecutive interpreting from our agency?

  • Accompaniment by an experienced interpreter who has the industry relevant experience
  • Faster and easier to understand discussions due to the brief speaking
  • Fast selection of the right interpreter

As with all of our other services, we offer consecutive interpreting anywhere in the Czech Republic. The interpreter can also accompany you on a trip abroad.