This service includes translations of articles for online as well as printed media. It is a very popular service that is often requested by owners of multilingual web magazines. We will be happy to arrange a single translation, as well as long-term cooperation, for example translating several articles per week. Depending on the content of the articles, we will select the most suitable translator who is most familiar with the particular topic.

For articles intended for printing, as well as for others, you will surely appreciate the grammatical and stylistic proofreading of the text by a native speaker (included in the price). Your text will therefore always pass through the hands of a native speaker.

In some cases, we send supplementary questions to our clients. The answers will help us to create the best possible result. What are some of these questions?

  • Where will the article be published?
  • Who is the intended reader? (What is the target group?)

You can also send us all your requirements before we start working on the translation. The translator can then incorporate them into the first version of the translated text.