Bez názvuGeneral translations are texts that do not require a greater level of expertise in a particular field or its terminology. In most cases, these texts are prepared faster than more complex jobs requiring specialized expertise. This also has to do with the fact that we have the largest number of translators available for these purposes.

What general areas do we have in mind?

  • Fashion
  • Housing
  • Nature
  • General sports
  • Generally about healthy living (and other lifestyle topics)
  • Culture, etc.

We are always guided by your individual requirements. Do you wish to choose a specific terminology or tone for your article? Just write it all into an email and we will reflect this information in your translation.

In long-term cooperation, the time required to translate individual articles is reduced significantly. Our translator will know ahead of time what style of translation you prefer and he or she will proceed accordingly. And that is just one of the benefits we offer our long-term clients.