Sworn interpreting is a state-regulated and monitored service. It can only be performed by interpreters who are registered by the relevant court in the Czech Republic.

Our translation agency offers sworn interpreting in selected languages anywhere in the Czech Republic. We also offer the option to travel abroad with the interpreter, where you can use his or her services according to our agreement.

Sworn interpreting is used, for example, in weddings involving foreigners, court hearings, visits to a notary and generally also in important meetings with government authorities of our or another country.


What are the most important specifics of sworn interpreting compared to simultaneous and consecutive interpreting?

  • The interpreted speech may not deviate in any way from the original speech – no changes or modifications allowed
  • The interpreter is obligated, during the actual interpreting, to regularly ask the person for whom he or she is interpreting whether they understand everything sufficiently
  • The interpreter must be absolutely impartial and independent (an important element in connection with court hearings)

Are you interested in the services of sworn interpreting? Contact our customer support and together we will arrange all of the details. A suitable interpreter will be assigned to you with priority and in a much shorter time.