Simultaneous interpreting is absolutely necessary in today’s modern world. You can see it on television screens or in the structures of the European Union. In practice, simultaneous interpreting is associated with events where speakers speak in their native language or in one of the selected official languages. This is the moment when interpreters also start interpreting the speech in real-time into the selected language.

Our translation agency offers so called simultaneous translation whispered into the client’s ear. Interpreting is a very demanding activity that requires training and practice. Experienced interpreters anticipate where the speech is going to go and are able to manipulate it professionally and edit its content so that they prevent complications and loss of meaning.

Of course we only offer the services of experienced and proven interpreters that are reliable in any situation. It is always better to provide interpreters with supporting documents for the meeting in advance and acquaint them with your tactics and special requirements. This allows them to prepare sufficiently and deliver a truly 100 % performance.

When is simultaneous interpreting used?

  • It is suitable for large conferences as well as for smaller presentations
  • It is the most common method of interpreting and is very universal
  • You can use it in nearly any business meeting where translation is necessary

Would you like to use the services of one of our interpreters? Please contact our customer support. You can tell us all of your requirements and we will use them to select the right interpreter.