Communication with customers

We always try to satisfy all your needs and find the best solution for your job order. Pleasant conduct and personal approach is a must.

We will always send follow-up questions when we think it will help us increase the quality of the output of our processors. We simply send them to your e-mail, and you will have a chance to answer them with no stress.

What makes follow-up questions so important?

  • They help us clarify your ideas regarding the processed text, business negotiation, etc.
  • We acquire all information necessary to elaborate the job order
  • Together, we agree on what terminology you wish to use (important in case of specialized texts)
  • We acquire information regarding the final placement of the translated text (in case you don’t specify it when submitting the job order)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by phone, or by an e-mail. We will happily provide you with answers and explanations.